Polylactic acid is the most effective preparation known to stimulate collagen production, known in aesthetic medicine.
Its main ingredient is L-polyloteic acid, the effect of which visibly improves the quality of the skin and restores the lost volume of the face. Polylactic acid task is not only to fill the wrinkles temporarily, but also to improve the skin’s structure and natural lifting.
The main indication for surgery is the loss of facial volume (temples, cheeks, jaw line, chin) and other areas of the body (neck, cleavage, back of the hand)

Polylactic acid is a gradual improvement in the appearance of the skin and a gradual effect of restoring volume. The effect of the treatment is evident within a few weeks. At that time, L-polyllic acid, which is the main component of the preparation, stimulates the production of collagen, regenerating and lifting the skin and creating a scaffolding for it.
Thanks to the gradual action of Polylactic acid, facial changes resulting from the application are perceived by the surrounding as a natural rested face and are not associated with the procedure.