Platelet Rich Fibrin is the platelet concentrate sourced out of own patient’s blood. It contains agents speeding up formation of fibroblasts and osteoblasts, and speed up healing of wounds – especially deep wounds.

Unlike PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), autologous PRF releases cytokines and growth agents gradually for over 7 days, what is its tremendous advantage and have definite influence for regeneration speed of damaged tissue.

The use of natural regeneration tissue abilities stimulated by autologous fibrin application is characterized by:

  • No allergic reaction or medicament body rejection is possible
  • Safe way to stimulate regeneration and avoid potential surgical procedures in case patients with general loads
  • Direct application of gel stimulates wounds healing. It contains cells and growth agents from patient’s blood which stimulates regeneration of tissue.
  • High effectiveness of treatment proved by many scientific researches
  • Angiogenesis process efficiency influences fast regeneration and reconstruction of scar tissue
  • Nor risk of direct neither crossed infection.